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Clearlyfaded 420 Jersey
Clearlyfaded 420 Jersey
Clearlyfaded 420 Jersey
Clearlyfaded 420 Jersey

Clearlyfaded 420 Jersey

Clearly Faded

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Spring/Summer 2021

Spaceheads Fall/Winter 2020

This new collection is for all the ClearlyFaded Space Heads out there traveling through Time and Space. Fly High through all dimensions. This collection is also inspired by Paintings created by Glenn Klotz that were made in the 70's. Glenn allowed us to use his original painting for the products.

Quim Cardona Signature Collection

We are super proud to present this Clearlyfaded X Quim Cardona signature collection. Quim has designed this signature collection of products with his own Paintings and Graphic Designs. Quim has contributed to skateboarding culture for more than 2 decades and is still inspiring people around the world to this day. A true Living Legend Quim Cardona Has one of the dopest styles on and off a board and it is why we are so excited to present these products to you.

Kevin Taylor Collection

Kevin Taylor's first custom collection drop has the horror theme because KT has been killing these streets for decades. KT is a true skate rat at heart who lives for skateboarding. We are honored to do this collection with Kev. He has inspired us and people all over the globe for decades now. We want to honor a legend and give the most Major Shout Outs to The OG KT "The God"

This Photo was shot by J.Bo @JBoPhotos_ at our Halloween Skate Jam back in 2013 at Paines Park in Philadelphia.

Love Park RIP Collection

Kevin Taylor Collection Skate Video