Celebrate 4/20 with Clearly Faded's Classic Weed Designs


Clearly Faded: The Brand Shaping Cannabis Culture

  • The Early Days of Clearly Faded

    In 2012, Clearly Faded was created as a nightlife blog by Jason Klotz and Sharif Shaltout, documenting Atlantic City's raw nightclub scene. They promoted the brand heavily by using business cards with the catchy phrase "You Were Clearly Faded" to promote their website. However, it wasn't until they created and released their first t-shirt designs for Clearly Faded that Klotz and Sharif fully realized the potential of their brand and how it could serve as a platform for cannabis and skateboarding culture.

  • From Clubbing to Cannabis

    As Clearly Faded gained more traction across the east coast, the founders became more motivated to provide party-goers with a tangible piece of the brand to take home. This led to the creation of some of their best-selling designs, such as 'Hello I Am', 'Faded Bull', 'Wimpy', and the iconic 'Eli Tag' Clearly Faded logo. Eventually, Klotz shifted the brands focus on building a community on Instagram, where the brand established a strong following of over 12,000 followers by creating an authentic representation of cannabis culture and skateboard culture. Follow Our Instagram

  • Designing for Change

    Currently at Clearly Faded we aim to change the narrative surrounding cannabis through our bold designs. We have created designs like "Free the Weed Prisoners" and "Weed is Not a Crime" to raise awareness about non-violent victims still imprisoned by the war on weed. Despite these serious designs, we have remained true to our fun and humorous roots with designs like "It's Just Weed Stupid", which emphasizes the absurdity of criminalizing a natural plant. As we continue to grow we hope to continue to amplify and address issues within the cannabis community.

  • The Future of Clearly Faded

    Even after 10 years of Clearly Faded, we remain dedicated to our mission of promoting fun and positivity through cannabis and skateboard culture. Due to the brand’s cultural impact, Clearly Faded has received recognition from some of the largest influencers in the cannabis industry, including Wiz Khalifa, Tommy Chong, and Wu-Tang RapperMethod Man. With the support of influencers, we have been able to connect with a global community of skaters and cannabis enthusiasts who are drawn to our authentic representation and unique designs.

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