You Are Clearly FADED


We all need to remember where we came from and give back.  Just because you didn't have it, doesn't mean you can't help build it for the next generation.

ClearlyFaded Founder Jay Klotz started Skate AC with Zack Katzen to give back to the community we came from and provide parks and events for the kids. With out any formal permission from the City Klotz raised $13,500 for Atlantic City's First ever Skate plaza. The city could not say no to the offer of a free skate park funded by the community so with Zack's help he attended a lot of meetings in City Hall and convinced them to allow us to build it. 

5th Pocket skateparks came thru and made history building us the first ever skatepark in AC

We have ambitions of getting more parks built in the area and providing more opportunities for youth in under served urban communities of need.

Please support the @skateac foundation.